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FIT India School Week 2020
December 14th , 2020 to December 19th , 2020
(Initiated by Ministry of Sports & Youth Affairs, Govt. of India

Day 1 Activity:

Dav Public School,Jasola  Vihar celebrated  FIT India School Week from 14th December to 19th December . In the first day activity, students  performed  free hand exercise, Zumba , Rope skipping , Shuttle run and  aerobics  at their homes with the full zeal and enthusiasm.

Students of classes (9-12) participated recently in Self - composed poem writing competition organised to celebrate “ FIT INDIA WEEK” on the topic: Fitness beats pandemic.

The results are: 
Poem Writing Competition (Classes : 9 -10)
1. Archita Jha - First Position
     Class - 10 D
2. Rudrakshi - Second Position 
      Class - 10 B
3. Adiva Siddiqui - Third Position 
      Class - 9 D

Fitness beats pandemic
We have to stay in, they say.
Wear a mask, they say.
But i wonder in my sleep
will that be enough?
Virus is here, there, everywhere
and we need to prepare.
So I load my guns and wear my armour.
i work it up,
i work it down.
Yoga to skipping to running,
i give my mind and soul a little bit of awakening.
Because what they say isn't enough,
fitness beats pandemic.
My health is my armour,
because the virus is here, there, everywhere.
Depression, anxiety, stress
All have been our daily routine
This year seems like a test
by God to check our patience,
This time will end and a new scene (2021) will begin
Sleep, eat and repeat
Is our new schedule
but we can go back to normal cycle
And make our lives complete
This time proudly I can say
Learning was easy
I learnt to make a cake in various ways
but sometimes I made kitchen greasy
Even though at a time laziness took over me
but I started to remain fit
It was difficult than it seems
In such period,
Some gained weight
Some loose pounds
if we remain to eat healthy
If we never say no to being happy
No issues will surround us
All problems may find a way to follow us
If we stay with positive self
and don't created fuss about pessimistic things
Nothing can stop us to smile
By Adiva Siddiqui
Class 9d
It used to be a huge task
If one was told to sit and bask
In the sun- then ‘how about my day’ you’d ask
Not so, now..nature’s taken over
Those artificial life styles are lower
And now, you need not cower!
With an immunity-booster lifestyle in place
Up with the fitness-programs race
To give you your physique of health and grace
Its back to the basics! When you do your bit,
No weight gains now, just be fit!
Yes, its back to exercise, that is it
Secondly, fitness boosts your mood
So up with stretches, get it good
All supported with timely food
And last-keep the regular: fitness requires
To ensure sound night- sleep and lovely dreams
And say, here’s to health and joy, it seems
-Namrata lal. XI-B

(Classes: 11-12)

Janeshwar Alam 1st position
Namrata Lal 2nd position
Simran Singh 3 rd position

Congratulations to all the winners

A Poster Making competition was organised for classes (6-8) on the topic : “New India Fit India” recently. Students participated with great enthusiasm and showcased their creativity highlighting the importance of good health amidst this pandemic.

The results are:
1st- Kiran Rout 8B
2nd-Apeksha Mourya 8A
3rd-Afsheen Rizwan 6C

Day 2 Activity:

n fit india school week programme ,we continued with another round  of sports activities which included brain game like chess and problem solving game like rubik cube . in which the students of class IX participated wholeheartedly and displayed their competent skills.

Also click here for the Activity Video

On the last day of fit India school week programme ,students actively participated and performed  activities like ,badminton , cricket with their parents ,Thus fit india school week programme was a great success which aimed to promote fitness amongst students.

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