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The Triumph of Tomorrow: Arya Pragati Scholarship Chronicle

In a radiant ode to education, the Delhi Arya Pratinidhi Sabha has unfurled the "Arya Pragati Scholarship Program," a beacon of hope for the adept minds emerging from the halls of DAV schools. This endeavor embodies the Sabha's unwavering dedication to fostering knowledge and kindling the flames of potential in the youth.
Shymon and Jatin Bhardwaj, alumni of DAV Jasola Vihar , have been bestowed with a scholarship of Rs 21,000 INR each, as a reward after their successful completion of the programme. 
Shymon is an aspiring engineer whose knack for ingenious inventions was reflective in his superior performance in the JEE Mains. He is now appearing for the JEE Advanced, a testament to his unyielding quest for excellence in the realm of innovation.
Meanwhile, Jatin Bhardwaj is currently honing his mettle for the NEET examination, poised to carve his mark in the annals of healing and compassion.
Dr. V.K. Barthwal, the Principal of DAV Jasola, extended his felicitations to both of the students. He wished them good luck in their future endeavours and motivated them to continue blazing trails of brilliance in their chosen domains.

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