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**Title: Cadet Captain Kashish Shines at AIATC**
Cadet Captain Kashish (SW) recently participated in the All India Annual Training Camp (AIATC) at Ezhimala, Kerala. Conducted from 5th to 16th January 2024, the camp focused on empowering Senior Wing  cadets with activities like drill, semaphore, firing, cultural events, rigging, and more. Kashish excelled in competitions and had the opportunity to visit the Indian Naval Academy (INA). Guided by Sub Lieutenant Naresh Singh Bisht and supported by Principal Dr. VK Barthwal, Kashish showcased dedication and leadership in the SW. She also got the chance to be a commander in Pereira Prade ground at INA. The camp not only enhanced her physical prowess but also fostered crucial skills. Congratulations from Principal Dr. VK Barthwal and Sub Lieutenant Naresh Singh Bisht further motivated Kashish on her path to excellence in the NCC.
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