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Event Start Date : 04/05/2024 Event End Date 04/05/2024

On World Laughter Day, Class 1 brought joy and cheer to the entire school with their delightful celebration themed "Giggles and Smiles." This heartwarming event saw our youngest learners engage in creative activities designed to spread happiness and laughter across the school community.
The children started the day with an engaging coloring activity. They were provided with various emoticons representing different emotions, but the focus was undeniably on those that spark smiles—like the classic happy and laughing faces. Their enthusiasm was palpable as they chose their favorite emoticons and filled them with vibrant colors.
The excitement continued as the students then transformed these colored emoticons into wearable badges. This craft not only allowed them to practice their fine motor skills but also taught them about the importance of sharing joy with others. Each badge was a small but powerful symbol of happiness, meticulously crafted with cheer and care.
The highlight of the event was when the children personally distributed these handmade badges. They visited classrooms, the staff room, and various offices within the school, offering these tokens of joy to teachers, staff members, and their classmates. Their final and most esteemed recipient was the Principal Sir, who warmly received his badge and commended the children for their thoughtful efforts.
This celebration of laughter not only brightened the day for many but also reinforced the value of kindness and the simple joys that laughter can bring into our lives. "Giggles and Smiles" was truly a fitting tribute to World Laughter
Class Activity- World Laughter Day
In celebration of World Laughter Day, Class 2 organized a delightful "Giggle Fest." Children crafted stick emoticons, coloring and pasting them onto ice-cream sticks. With beaming smiles, they proudly displayed their creations, spreading laughter throughout the school corridors. 
Their joy was infectious, filling the atmosphere with happiness and merriment. It was a heartwarming celebration of laughter and camaraderie, leaving everyone with cherished memories of pure delight.
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