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Event Start Date : 13/02/2024 Event End Date 13/02/2024

The Pre-Primary Class of D.A.V. PUBLIC SCHOOL, JASOLA VIHAR embarked on a jubilant journey of intergenerational joy and athleticism with its Sports Day cum Grandparents Day celebration. The event, held on 9th February,2024, proved to be a remarkable fusion of physical prowess and familial bonds.
     The festivities kicked off with a heart-warming gesture as Supervisor Ms. Sumiti Saluja and the in charges Ms. Poonam Sharma and Ms. Jyoti Harjai presented a sapling to Principal Dr. V.K. Barthwal, symbolizing growth of our institution. The excitement soared as Principal Sir officially inaugurated the Sports Meet by releasing a flurry of vibrant balloons into the sky. And the presence of proud grandparents graced the occasion with their warmth and affection.
      The day unfolded with a series of thrilling races, including the Commando Race, three-legged race, jumping jacks, princess race and the delightful Busy Bees Race, which showcased the agility and energy of our young participants. The students mesmerized the audience with a captivating parachute presentation titled "Frolic Parachutes" and a delightful drill named "Fluttering Fun," featuring colourful balls that danced in harmony with the rhythm of their movements. The Grandparents Race saw spirited participation in events like the Lemon Spoon Race and the Walk Race, evoking laughter and nostalgia.
     The event culminated in a mesmerizing Punjabi dance performance that had everyone tapping their feet to the infectious beat. Supervisor Ma’am expressed her gratitude to the dedicated team of teachers, music department, art department, sub staff members and student volunteers whose hard work and dedication made the event a resounding success. Honourable Principal Sir extended a warm congratulations to dedicated teachers and the students for orchestrating a wonderful show and applauded their tireless efforts to make this event a successful sports extravaganza.
     As the echoes of laughter and applause faded with an incredible completion, the memories of this special day will continue to inspire and uplift us, serving as a testament to the enduring bonds of love, laughter, and learning that define the spirit of DAV Public School.
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DAV Public School, Jasola Vihar
Plot No.3, Pocket-6, NEW DELHI -110025
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